Experiential Educators are a community of professionals dedicated to creating situations in which participants can become their best selves through action, reflection, and application.  The camaraderie felt among folks who are experiential educators is nothing short of amazing as we share a common vision for a better world.

This year’s Mid-Atlantic Regional AEE (Association for Experiential Education) Conference was held at Radford University where a committed group of professionals came together to present and participate in energetic and dynamic workshops designed to promote experiential (or, learn by doing!) forms of education. Workshops included making high ropes elements accessible to disabled participants, the basics of environmental education theory, international wilderness trips as a classroom, meditation practices, tree climbing, and the experiential learning cycle as it applies to high ropes, and many more!

The conference keynote speaker was Rick Van Noy, professor of English at Radford University, author of A Natural Sense of Wonder: Connecting Kids with Nature Through the Seasons (2008), which won the Phillip D. Reed award for Outstanding Writing on the Southern Environment.  

Some of us were thrilled at the opportunity to join the student lead facilitators for the RU Able program on the 8 inside high ropes elements (to include a Giant’s Ladder,  Flying Squirrel, and Centipede) as well as the 8 outside high ropes elements (complete with Leap of Faith, Rappelling Wall, and Zip Line).   In fact, a few of us are still nursing some hard-won bruises!

More information about AEE and experiential education can be found at: http://www.aee.org/.

Now go out and DO something!