In NOVA 4H from Sunday the 26th through Thursday the 30th it has been campers from Orange and Madison counties. This week there has been smiles and laughter seen and heard from around the camp. Everyone this week has been singing their little hearts out from day one. At day one everyone was excited and ready to for camp al the perm staff was smiling and excited to see new and old campers. The older campers were ready for camp already hyped up for camp and the new campers trying to find their way around. On Tuesday, everybody was ready for there day and ready for their classes and by Tuesday campers was still ready for the day but also dreading the end of the day because it was last campfire. On Thursday unfortunetly, campers were packing and getting prepared to say their goodbyes but in their eyes you can see the joy that 4H has forever imprinted in their hearts and minds that they cannot lose.