This week has been the best week. The perm staff has been loud and encouraging. They have been full of energy and half of them lost their voices but still continue to sing. The perm staff changed the words to a lot of popular songs to fit the 4-H camp spirit. Such as We R Who We R, Raise Your Glass and many peoples favorite The Lazy Song. Many campers and counslers also lost their voices because they weere having a blast. The classes were great and we learned a lot.

 On Tuesday the carnival was full of fun and games, everything from The Backwards Dunk Tank to Putt Putt to a Snack Walk. Also at the carnival the campers, counslers, and even perm staff played the games and had a blast. If you played the games then you had an opportunity to win special prizes such as 25 dollars in cash, gift card to McDonalds, dinner from town, and many more.

On Wednesday campers learned about nutrition facts, sugar, calorie consumption, and fastfood. We learned how to eat right and to watch what you eat to stay healthy.  Campers figured out how much sugar is in certain sodas, how many calories are in what we think are "healthy" fast foods such as Subway. They also leared about MyPyramid, how much food from certain food groups you should eat.

Well some are dissapointed theat the week is over so quick and that it went by so quick. Besides the heat, the hills, the hot rooms,and the urge to pee. It was a blast and I encourage many people that haven't ever came to come. The people here are great, fun, and very enthusiastic. The classes are amazing the campfires are extravagant, and everyone that has come this year has had the best time EVER!!


Writen by Madi Dynes and Chelsey Herrell :)