4-H Camp is awesome!It  is a lot of walking and a lot of fun.There is soo many things to do.My favorite thing to do is campfire and play in the ool.I think who ever comes here they will want to go back the next year.The talent show is a lot of fun to watch.It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage and do something.There was a lot of really good acts.You don't want to ever lose your name tag.At 4-H camp you learn a lot of new songs.My favorite song is The Littlest Worm.Also at 4-H camp you learn a lot of things.If you love being outside you would love 4-H camp.I am having so much fun that I forgot about home.Even though I do miss home just a little.Though most of the time if you miss home you forget because you have so much fun.When I leave I will be sad but I'll be happy to be home and with my family.This week I was staying in the Rector Lodge.