Our last campfire was last night, and it was really happy and really sad. The staff sang their song and I don't think it was quite as funny as last year, except for maybe when Rookie said, "A firefly I would be! I fly! I glow! AAAH my butt's on fire!" And we didn't sing the 4-H spirit song, though we might sing it later today. Last year someone said, " A firefighter I would be! Jump, lady! Jump, lady! Ooh... splat!"

We headed to campfire after hearing the weirdest closing song at the dance -- Friday!

Tomorrow I will add some 4-H stuff to "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday"




"Everybody's already missing 4-H, 4-H! Friday, Friday, sleeping in on Friday..."


I'm going to be a CIT next year along with my Best Friend Forever and we get to sing REALLLY LOOUD