I am back at NOVA, and I am not sure where to begin. The 22nd Annual International ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technologies) Conference met and exceeded my expectations. I was able to network with others who do what I do, and discuss tricks of the trade such as putting a new spin on old favorites and expanding our current offerings. I was able to meet the presidents and founders of the companies whose products we use every day on the course and see the application of new technologies and their relevance to our course. It was especially exciting to meet the folks from Austria, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, and Russia and hear about the similarities and differences in how they run their programs. My “wish list” of books and gear items that I was able to browse through on display in the exhibit hall has grown exponentially.

Programming here has always focused on the growth of the individual, on leadership development through the use of challenge course programming and reflective activities. In the coming year, I feel our participants can expect a greater emphasis on the sequencing of initiatives, a more participant-driven approach to the reflective process, more activities with a focus on anti-bulling and inclusion, and better transitions between activities. I am excited to start mapping this out and training the very gifted facilitators we have currently.  

Being a part of the largest gathering of challenge course professionals in the world today was uplifting, exciting, mind-blowing, and inspiring. It is a lot of information to assimilate and I am sure it will take time.

The 23rd annual ACCT conference? Red Rock, Las Vegas!