How do I decide what classes to take tomorrow? With topics including, “Subtle Facilitator Behaviors that Put Participants at Risk,” “Facilitating Self-Efficacy,” “3 Strand Rope Splicing,” “Building Successful Learning Communities, “ and “Creating Programs to Meet your Client’s goals,” I am feeling both empowered and overwhelmed at the same time. These are just a small sampling, not at all inclusive, of the more than 120 workshops offered at this year’s ACCT conference.

I have chosen at least the first and last workshop’s I would like to attend tomorrow, the first being, “7 Great Corporate Portable Initiatives,” and the last being “Moral Dilemmas as Group Initiatives.” In addition, my service crew duties tomorrow involve working the registration desk for 2 hours followed by working the Challenge Olympics for 2 hours, which I have no idea exactly what is involved but I have been told it is highly competitive and skills-related (you have to sign a waiver to participate).

The expo itself, which opened this evening, is row upon row of organizations dedicated to promoting best practices, policies, training, tricks, course construction, research, and facilitation. I hope to spend several hours meeting many of the folks that I have talked to on a regular basis for the last few years but have never met personally. They are all here!

I am astounded and humbled by the expertise, talents, conviction, and dedication of so many of the industry’s leaders. I feel very much like the proverbial tiny fish in a huge sea, and it is a wonderful feeling to have so many mentors to learn from. (Avery)