This camp is so fun. My third year and im already looking forward to my 4th year and hopefully becoming a counselor next year. This year I took dance class, where we learned a dance to Call Me Maybe and is gonna be porforming it at the closing ceremony. There is so much to do here and so many animals to see. In outdoor cooking, we saw and little brown bear come out of the forest as we were cooking our pizzas. The staff are so friendly and very fun to be around. At 7 am they are fully awake ready to sing songs. The campfires are so interesting. The food here is great, my favorite meal here was probably everything. My favorite part about lunch and dinner is that we get kool aid after we finish one pitcher of water. There is a counselor this year named Sketch and he is always making camp interesting. At our meals he is always making people get up and dance. 4-H is a great experience and im glad to be here.