This is my second year here at 4-h. There are so many fun classes like multimedia and newspaper ,just naming a is so fun here.if you are worried about being away from home you will forget all about it the first day. Here we have an awesome staff . Campfire is one of the best things here.You learn camp songs that you will have stuck inyour head all year even when you are not at 4h .You will make a lot of great friends,and see them next year.When you are split in your packs like foxes,owls,and rattlesnakes. you will be seeing a lot of them all week.each pack nominates a little bear to represent the pack.Every night you will have a night activity like carnival or the dance. Here gaga is one of the most fun things here.For the week you will be in a lodge like Robinson,or Rector,and more. you will have a c.i.t and a counselor in your room you can also request friends!