This is my 4th year coming to 4H camp and and every year it just keeps gettingbetter! This year i took Multimedia, Arts and Crafts, and Canoeing.  The perm staff are the best and very enthusiastic. Every night you have campfire.  Campfire is a very sacred tradition and you are asked to be very respectful and quiet during this time.  There are four lodges for 4H campers/CITs/Counselors.  Two lodges for girls and one for boys.  there is also a lodge with rooms for boys and girls.  In your room you will have one counselor, one CIT (counselor in training), and four campers including yourself.  Every night you have an evening activity, such as a carnival or dance.  You also split up into packs like foxes, rattlesnakes, owls, frogs, and many more. Each pack nominates a Little Bear to represent your pack at campfire.  The Little Bear is in charge of leading your pack line and speaking for your pack at campfire.  You spend lots of time with your pack so i hope you like them!  Its easy to have a good time at 4H camp.