This year was my first year as a counselor for 4-H camp and it was one of my most enjoyable years here! I was lucky to have an amazing pack that did really well through everything. I had a great room full of super enthusiastic and passionate campers who I think really enjoyed their camp experience. The overall level of energy at camp this year was amazing! Everyone sang, danced and participated willingly with everything that was planned and looked like they had fun with it.

All of my classes were great! I really enjoyed multi media and taking pictures throughout the week. I didn't originally sign up for the class but now I'm glad I was put in it. My picture taking group did really well listening and following directions. Gardening was a fun experience and really educational. I think that all the campers in my class really learned alot and were very interested in the material like I was. Tye dye was a nice relaxing class after all the walking. Alot of the tye dyed things turned out really great and I love seeing all the campers faces when they saw the final result (you never really know what it will look like).

 Meals were great. Even though the food was a little lacking in deliciousness, the atmosphere was great and everyone was always so pumped to be together with their old and new friends. I loved it when spontaneous song would break out and the table game went all the way past 10. It was also really neat when individuals would stand up, "I'm person number one!" because you could see all the confidence in the room then. 

The walking is killer but its worth it. There's always a great view wherever you go and where ever your walking is worth the hills, sweat and aching feet that come with it.

Pool and rec. were alot of fun as always. I don't play gau gau but I can see how much people who do (campers and counselors alike) look forward to it all day and enjoy it so much when their playing. For people who don't play gau gau all the arts and crafts are really fun and my favorite thing to do is decorate my name tag so it looks amazing by the end of the week. The pool was always a nice refresher after a day of hiking and playing games.

Rest time is actually one of my favorite times too. Everyone needs a break after so much fun in a row. I think rest time should be a little longer so people can actually take naps instead of just have time to change for the pool and have some snacks.

The evening activities are all really fun. The amazing race is a great way to learn your way around camp and familiarize yourself with the hills. The pool party and land Olympics were nice but I preferred the "talent show" or the short shows that each pack got to do at the amphitheater last year. The dance was a success as always and I know that everyone looks forward to it every year. I love how there's alot of options for people who don't want to dance and would prefer gau gau or a movie. Overall it's fun for everyone.

Finally, the campfire is always amazing. It brings everyone together at the end of the day and the quiet parts are a great way to teach everyone respect and wind down the day. All the things we share with the great bears is awesome and the songs we sing and games we play really make everyone feel great.

Overall, I think 4-H camp was really really fun this year and everyone enjoyed their time and plan to come back next year!