The 2013 International Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Conference at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas is well underway with 8 pre-conference sessions, over 90 different workshop offerings, 100 Professional Vendor Members (PVMs), and post-conference happenings. ACCT, which was established over 20 years ago by the industry leaders, creates and promotes the “standard of care and measure of excellence” that is the foundation for ethical and effective operation of challenge course programming throughout the world.

The pre-conference workshop “Fun Stuff with Karl and Michelle” covered a plethora of immediately relevant group initiatives that can be incorporated into a variety of educational programs and settings. The workshop participants were challenged within the first 5 minutes of the program to participate in an activity that would result in an almost 100% failure rate, the larger purpose being to create a safe space for individuals to address and overcome the anxiety associated with not being able to complete every task every time. A discussion about the purpose and role of “failure” in our lives ensued as well as commentary on “failing forward.” This workshop, run by the dynamic powerhouse of Michelle Cummings and Karl Rhonke, both sought-after speakers and industry celebrities, provided activity after activity guaranteed to elicit laughter, fun, intention, and purpose to use with almost any group.

Other workshops offered over the next few days will include tracts in Canopy and Zip Line Tours, Facilitation and Programming, Industry Business, Operations and Management, and Technical Topics. With all these offerings, it is vastly appropriate that the largest gathering of challenge course professionals should indeed take place in this city of lights and excitement.