The following was written by Max R. in preparation for his interview for Pool Management for the 2014 season. We were all very, very impressed. 

True leadership exists through combined and coordinated actions and attitudes which bring a group of people towards their common goal with an exchange of specific skills and resources. Types of leaders and groups are found in an infinite variety of combinations, and no leadership situation is identical to another. For me, being a leader means more than simply moving a target group from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible; a leader must also take part in the journey as the group progresses towards the goal.

            In the case of 4-H, the goal specified for the sake of this interview is simply to “build our community at the pool.” To a person unfamiliar with the pool, that may sound like a broad but straightforward task. This goal may sound as though the primary objective is business by nature and to increase the population of patrons who frequent the pool. After my past summer of working at the 4-H pool, I realize that this seemingly ambiguous goal, “to build our community,” does have importance in building a loyal customer base, but is much more than what the words, “to build our community,” mean in a dictionary.

            Within the 4-H pool, a very unique community is found. Things don't function like a machine: the same way every day. While this may be true of any enterprise, anyone who has worked at the 4-H pool can tell you that it is a singular and unique environment found amongst the staff and the leaders of the 4-H pool. The 4-H motto, “To make the best BETTER,” has implications for not just the pool building, but also the employees, the patrons, and especially those who lead by maintaining this motto in their everyday life. From my perspective, the leadership of the 4-H pool are required to live that motto in their everyday life. Through what I witnessed in the past summer of working at the 4-H pool, the 4-H pool motto defines what a 4-H leader is. “To make the best better” describes a work ethic which will take the community of the 4-H pool on a trajectory that can only benefit everyone involved directly or indirectly by the existence of the 4-H pool.

            The strategy and skills I would bring to the 4-H pool can be quoted almost verbatim from the 4-H pledge, for the sake of building our community at the pool, I would bring this work ethic of pledging my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living for our club, our community, our country, and our world.