These are some of the most commonly asked questions about our fireworks event. If you have more questions, please contact us at (540) 635-7171 during regular business hours or call the Pool at (540) 635-5029 on Saturday, or Facebook.
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➦ Is there a charge for admission?

There is no charge for the concert, fireworks, or most of the day's activities though donations are greatly appreciated. There is a regular admission fee for the pool (info here) and a fee of $3 for admission after the fireworks. Additionally, there will be a variety of food vendors with tasty treats for sale. We hope you'll support us by patronizing their trucks!

➦ What events and activities will be taking place?

Beginning at 4PM, a variety of activities will be available in the lower recreation area. Several community organizations will have tables with information and activities, a variety of food trucks and vendors will be on site, and children's activities (including two moon bounces) will be set up.

➦ What time should I arrive?

The pool will open at noon. For all other activities, the public is invited to arrive beginning at 4PM. A general schedule of events is as follows:

  • 12PM - 7PM: Pool open
  • 4PM - 8PM: Food vendors, games, and family activities open in the lower recreation area
  • 7PM - 9PM*: American Legion Community Band Concert at the Amphitheater
  • 9PM*: Fireworks
  • 10PM* - 12AM: Pool open
    * Time is approximate

➦ Will the pool be open? What are the pool hours?

The pool will operate on a normal Saturday schedule, opening at noon and closing at 7PM. Immediately following the fireworks, the pool will reopen and operate until midnight. There is a fee of $3 to swim after the fireworks.

➦ What time are the fireworks?

Fireworks will begin at dusk, which is approximately 9PM.

➦ Where will the fireworks be set off?

We have worked hard with our fireworks vendor and the local authorities to determine the best place for this year's fireworks to both highly visible and safe for the audience and 4-H Center facilities. The fireworks will be launched at the highest point on the 4-H Center grounds, just behind Congressman Lodge. The elevation should ensure a good view for everyone. See this map for more details.

➦ Where will I be able to park?

Beginning at 4PM, the 4-H Center's main gate will be closed to traffic with the exception of pool customers, Community Band members, and attendees requiring handicapped parking. Staff will direct vehicles to Gate 2 (see this map) to park in either the soccer field, stable area, or the area near Thwaite Shelter. Overflow parking along the road near the Amphitheater will be available later in the day. There is a foot path providing access between the lower recreation area and Amphitheater. See this map for more details.
As in prior years, access beyond the pool parking lot will be prohibited.

➦ Is handicapped parking available?

There is handicapped accessible parking reserved directly behind the Amphitheater as well as Thwaite Shelter in the lower recreation area. Parking in both areas will be available throughout the day. Travel between the Amphitheater and lower recreation is via the unpaved foot trail, so attendees may want to consider this in planning where to park and when to arrive. Terrain in the lower recreation area is grass and gravel.

➦ Can I bring my pet/cooler/grill/etc.?

  • Pets are welcome, as long as they are leashed at all times and remain under the owner's control.
  • Coolers and outside food are permitted. Food and beverages will also be available for purchase at the pool concession stand, Amphitheater, and lower recreation area.
  • Grills are permitted but must be operated safely and not interfere with others' enjoyment of the day. Please do not dump coals on 4-H Center property.
  • Frisbees, footballs and other games are welcome as well.
  • Guns, weapons, or other dangerous items are absolutely prohibited.
  • Outside fireworks are absolutely prohibited.

➦ Where is the best view of the fireworks?

The 4-H Center, along with our fireworks vendor and the Warren County Fire Department, worked hard to determine the best location for safety and good views of the display. We think the view will be good anywhere on site, but the best view will be from the lower recreation area.
As in prior years, access beyond the pool parking lot will be prohibited.