What a summer that was!  I remember parts of it like it was yesterday. Unfortunately, as I get older my memories at the 4-H Center are fading with time. However, I do remember that I met my best friend at camp and we are still close friends to this day.  That week at camp changed my life. I decided to become an artist because of those beautiful mountains and those sunsets that cast shadows across the open fields and Lake Culpeper.  I remember spending every free moment with my sketch pad and being called Picasso by the other campers.

The above is a dramatization of the many stories we have collected and have been told by past campers. If you have ever been to camp, stop and take a moment to recall your positive memories of that experience.  Camp is a special place that helps dreams come true. For some it is the first time they are away from their parents, for some it is a chance to become a new person and make new friends. Sometimes it is where you met the love of your life.

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