We are dedicated to our educational mission. We teach students and their families, not checklists.

Our Signature Experiential Aquatics Program is based on five (5) essential components:

1) The 4-H Experiential Learning Cycle: Recognizing that the best learning comes from experience, our program emphasizes the "Learn By Doing" and "Challenge By Choice" paradigm of the experiential learning cycle.  "Learn By Doing" means that we recognize physical experience is a prerequisite to discovering knowledge.  "Challenge By Choice" means that we recognize that students learn best when they have a sense of ownership over the challenge they will meet.

2) Collaborative Teaching: Recognizing that the best learning happens when it's shared, our program emphasizes "Team Teaching", "Student Driven Learning", and "Parents As Partners."  "Team Teaching" means that all group classes are taught by a team of instructors that shares their knowledge and experience.  "Student Driven Learning" means that we recognize that learning belongs to the student, not the instructor, as we strive to work with students to share knowledge in their interests.  "Parents As Partners" means that we recognize that learning happens all the time, including outside class time, so we strive to empower parents with knowledge to support their student's continued growth.

3) Sensory Understanding: Recognizing that all information from the environment (experience) gets to the brain through our senses, or program emphasizes conversation about the tactile, vestibular, and proprioceptive sensations of the water environment. Tactile has to do with registering sensations through the skin; vestibu;ar has to do with registering sensations affecting balance; proprioception has to do with registering sensations of pressure/ weight with the musculoskeletal system.

4) Emotional Safety: Recognizing that many drownings are preventable, our program emphasizes building positive memories around a student's experiences in and around water while also teaching a healthy respect for water safety rules and procedures.  Positive and calm thinking leads to safer decision making.

5) Elements of Effective Swimming: Recognizing that skill development is a continuum, our program emphasizes 3 steps of learning to swim. Once a student has conquered Comfort & Safety, they can then build Survival Skills.  After a student is confident of their ability to control their movement in an aquatic environment, then they can build Stroke Mechanics.

Swim Lessons


Students will work in the baby pool and shallow area of the main pool to get more comfortable with floating and submerging as well as learning how to control breathing and use their limbs for propulsion in the water.  This class is suited for students with little to no experience.  Parents are invited to join us in the water during class if they feel that is the most successful strategy for their learner. Parents who feel that their learner will learn better without parental assistance are welcome to watch.  Our experience is that students who seem reluctant in class are still paying attention and often practice skills from class at home or during play.  In 2017, there are four (4) PresSchool Swim Lesson Sessions: Sessions 1B and 1D (Saturday mornings) and Sessions 2B, and 2C (Monday and Thursday evenings). See our 2017 Class Offerings for more details.


All of our non-preschool classes are titled "Beginning" because all learners are at new beginnings!  Students are fluidly grouped by ability within each session and have the opportunity to improve their skills at their own rhythm.  We offer individualized small group instruction/ practice according to each student's skill level as they progress at their own rate of development and readiness.  Our focus is on learning to move through the water efficiently and safely while building endurance.  In 2017 there are three (3) Beginning Swim Lesson Sessions: Sessions 1A and 1C (Saturday mornings) and Session 2A (Monday and Thursday afternoons).  See our 2017 Class Offerings for more details.


Our goal is to educate and equip our entire community in water safe behaviors and skills. If you have questions at any time, please ask.

Homework Policy
We understand that the opportunity to successfully learn will require time outside of class for students to practice skills. Class fee includes a discounted admission rate for the student and one supervising adult for four visits during 2015 season outside of class. Upon successful registration, look for information via email with details.


Session 3 is five (5) classes of Friday mornings (9 am - 2 pm) spread through out the summer.  See our 2017 Class Offerings for more details.  This class is designed for swimmers ages 10 years or older and is designed to help swimmers prepare for the Lifeguard Class pre-requisites, competitive swimming, or fitness swimming in individualizes/ small group practice. Content focuses on stroke mechanics, building endurance, diving,  Basic Water Rescue (reaching and throwing assists) skills, First Aid/ CPR skills, and is adjustable to meet the needs/ learning interests of participants.  Instructors are experienced competitive swimmers and lifeguards.

Private Lessons
If none of our class listings meet your needs, or if you are interested in a specific facet of water skills, please talk to us
about private lessons. Options vary from 1:1 sessions to educational programs on water safety. Th scheduling of Private Lessons requires at least one (1) week advance notice.  To schedule a lesson email us or speak directly to the Pool front Desk to ensure instructor availability.  While we will do our best to accommodate requests for specific instructors, we remind you that all our instructors are trained and availbility varies.   We want to help everyone to be water safe and water capable!  For specific requests and information email us at


Our mission is help empower everyone we can with water safety knowledge and skills in a fun way, knowing that every single person is different!

To achieve that mission, NOVA 4-H Pool Staff are trained instructors and are tasked with offering not only the formal lessons described below, but also teaching guests informally everyday.  All of our Swim Lesson Sessions include a "Homework Policy" designed for participants to visit outside of class time for independent practice. We also offer tailored Aquatic Educational Programming events for schools, day cares, youth organizations and more.  If you are interested in learning more about how we can implement a field trip or class for your organization, please email the pool at to start a conversation!

Aquatic Educational Programming

We offer educational programming about aquatic topics in a variety of topics for a variety of audiences.

  • The Red Cross Longfellow's WHALE Tales is a great program of videos and activities to increase awareness in young people about the most important components of water-safe behaviors and is a great program that we can bring to your school or daycare or cover on a field trip to the pool.  
  • Many aspects of our Swim Lesson Programming and the Junior Lifeguarding Programming are appropriate for a school field trip!  We can tailor the topics and skills covered to be appropriate for students in grades 1 through 9, for a half or full day.
  • If your troop is looking to complete swim tests or complete a badge, we are happy to work with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls, and other youth organizations to develop an event to meet your requirements.
  • Summer Day Care programs are welcome for pool visits and/ or a series of private swim lessons at special rates.

Most drownings are preventable.  Knowledge is the most important aspect of Water Safety.  Please, help us to spread information to as many members of our community as possible!  To organize an event please email