Fauquier County Public Schools – Camp S.M.I.L.E (Summer of Memories, Inspiration, Learning, and Enrichment) July 29-August 2, 2018

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With Shauna’s recent resignation, I could really use a hand, particularly with advertising for counselor help for Camp S.M.I.L.E. For this camp, which is new to us, it is our (the Center’s) responsibility to provide the counselors for their program. I am very worried this will prove difficult as it is a new camp for us.  Would you please help by talking this opportunity up with your teens and sharing the below info with your teens in as many avenues as possible as you are able? I could really use a hand with getting this info out, please and thank you:

Fauquier County Public Schools – Camp S.M.I.L.E (Summer of Memories, Inspiration, Learning, and Enrichment) July 29-August 2, 2018

Camp S.M.I.L.E is for rising 5th graders from Fauquier County elementary schools to give them a jump start on learning the 5th grade SOLs in an engaging outdoor environment. There will be 80 campers, 40 girls, and 40 boys. Counselors will be responsible for general supervision of campers, campfire duties, getting campers from class to class throughout the day and of course teaching them about camp! There will be a team of teachers with them to teach 5 core classes, however, those teachers are not responsible for supervising camper outside of classes. All those who are accepted will not have to pay to attend and will be paid a $100.00 stipend. To apply you must be 18 or older, have attended 4-H Camp training in the current year and have the recommendation of your 4-H Agent. If you are interested in applying please click HERE.

Northern Virginia 4-H Educational and Conference Center Cancels 2018 Independence Day Celebration and Fireworks Display

Front Royal, VA. – Based on competing financial priorities associated with our primary camping and conferencing missions, Northern Virginia 4-H Educational and Conference Center today announced the cancellation of the annual Independence Day Celebration on June 30, 2018. This cancellation will include the fireworks display and all associated events. “We are most grateful for wonderful support and participation of the Front Royal/Warren County community and we look forward to future Independence Day Celebrations with our friends and neighbors,” said Toby Smith, President of the Board of Directors, Northern Virginia 4-H Educational and Conference Center. For many years, the 4-H Center has proudly sponsored this event to honor the nation and celebrate its independence.


Our Program Staff had quite a surprise last Thursday morning on the John E. Dooley Challenge Course. High winds buffeted Harmony Hollow overnight, causing a tree to fall over and land on the Zip Line. With the spring program season just beginning and hundreds of youth already scheduled to visit the challenge course, our challenge was to remove the tree and bring everything back online as soon as possible.

Thankfully, the fine folks at Timber Works Tree Care were ready to help, and donated their services to help us get back up and running. Jack Donohue and his crew were here before the end of the day, and did a fantastic job of clearing and removing the fallen tree in less than an hour. After a full inspection, the Zip Line was back up and running in less than 24 hours.

A huge thank you to Timber Works Tree Care for their help and support!