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Congressman Hall

“Congressman James Kenneth Robinson Hall”

Congressman J. Kenneth Robinson Hall, often referred to as “Congressman Hall”, features heating, air conditioning, and a private bath in each of it’s 24 lodging rooms. Every room has outside access so guests can enjoy the breathtaking mountainside view that the 4-H Center is famous for. Built at the top of the mountain, Congressman Hall’s back deck and porch are a perfect place to watch the sun set or a thunderstorm roll into Harmony Hollow, or just enjoy a quiet moment reading or reflecting.

Each room is arranged with two twin beds and one set of bunks, with two handicapped-accessible rooms on the upper floor. The lobby and upper floor are ground-level accessible from the parking lot. Lower level rooms are accessible via stairs.

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Lodge – Occupancy – Nightly Rate

Congressmen – 1-2 Occupancy – $65

Lodge – Occupancy – Nightly Rate

Congressmen – 2-3 Occupancy – $70


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